This is so not about the big screen movie or the book. its about our stars literally, the ones we listen to, the ones we watch, the ones we love and specifically the ones we want to be like.
Speaking of a few in the likes of Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Nicki Minaj who have been a major addition to pop culture and at the same time a menace to the ones that look up to them. Once upon a time i would have called out Lindsay Lohan.

Miley on stage

Specifically speaking on Miley Cyrus; The one you knew as Hannah Montana, the one tweens looked up to when she was the raining Disney queen has taken a huge departure from the once sweet girl to the now self proclaimed ‘wild girl’ apparently Miley has given the world a huge dose of nude selfies and nude cover spreads, raunchy music videos and live shows (yeah am talking about her Bangerz tour) and she has publicly professed her genuine love for marijuana.
Miley has decided to overlook the role she plays and once played in the life of her tween fans, from her raunchy ‘We Can’t Stop’ music video, nude ‘Wrecking Ball’ visual to her raunchy 2013 VMA performance each step took Hannah Montana’s coffin an inch closer to getting covered in the earth.
Defying the odds she went on to release a free experimental 23 song album ‘Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz” Stream here for free:

My Advice: Miley Please tune down the level of wildness you’ve put on, i would love to see that good girl with the great voice again who gives thrills with her voice and nothing more even though i understand your great need for shock factor.


Moving on to Rihanna; the once lovely, innocent and self proclaimed good girl has moved on to hold the title as “The Original bad gal”.
The official bad gal has taken the word ‘bad’ to whole new level. Rising from the ashes of her 2009 assault by then boyfriend Chris Brown, RiRi has gone on to make sexually provocative videos (yes i mean ‘You Da One’ and her other toxic visuals), nude cover spreads and publicly display(ed) her love for crack (you know those Instagram updates she makes).
RiRi is currently on the verge of taking a decline in her career.
My Advice: RiRi please get rid of the tattoos, the bad gal persona and put on something much more different and surprising. Rihanna if you’re going to see this, get a vocal coach and put on your “Ray of Light” persona so you can see this already messed up R8 era change for the better. Lets see the talent in you and not the bad ass you.

Finally Nicki Minaj: not much to say but Nicki really needs to tune down the level of nudity in her visuals (you got it right ‘Anaconda’), yeah i understand females should have equal rights to guys but what i don’t understand is the conversion of porn into artistry.
My Advice: Nicki you’re not a porn star, concentrate on giving fans good music and please just stop gyrating your ass for everyone to see, we’ve seen it enough. Nicki bring out the Beyoncé  in you.