So if you’ve been on your knees praying for Demi Lovato’s new album release, you may rise to your feet cause it has finally arrived.

After several previews, one of which is that catchy pop/rock tune you can’t stop singing along to (you know what i mean) that is ‘Cool For the Summer’, the fierce self assured ‘Confident’ and the soul touching ‘Stone Cold’ (In studio). Demi has grown artistically shedding her Disney teen-pop roots while rooting for a dark, confident and sultry record unlike here previous efforts (2013’s DEMI, 2011’s Unbroken) where Ms Lovato drew the line between R&B and Bubblegum pop. Confident bores all the growth and self-assurance her previous albums lacked, some might call it a recycled ‘Prism’ album yet it is Demi’s most self assured body of work. One listen won’t do all the convincing.

Here’s my track-by-track review of the album

  1. Confident  

The opening track which is also the album title track goes all the way from ‘Confident’ to fierce, as Demi declares she’s in charge,  the track which was originally planned to be the first single off the album  begins with horns backed by military kind of beats, the finger snaps are anything short of amazing. The lines “you say am complicated/ you’ve had me underrated/ whats wrong with being confident” proves that Demi is in a new chapter. B+

Watch the video for Confident

 2. Cool For The Summer

Alas Demi is back to her pop/rock roots (if you are a Lovatic then you should know what i mean), this is 2015 ‘I Kissed A girl’ but with soul gripping vocals. Moving on, Cool For The Summer is that track you’d blast on your car stereo and sing along to, the guitar riffs and Demi’s soft, sultry and in-charge voice will take you to places you’ve never been, i would  understand why Hollywood Records chose this as the lead single. A+

Watch the video for Cool for the Summer here

 3. Old Ways

One things for sure Demi has grown, you’d no longer see that Demi who had series of setbacks,  Demi declares she’s not going back to her old ways backed with a sugary pop beat. “Old Ways” seems like a grower so don’t give up on your first listen. B

 4. For You

A listen will convince you on how Demi has evolved into something bigger than a vocal he powerhouse. I think you should be the judge, For You is sure a standout track. A

 5. Stone Cold

Who doesn’t love a Demi Lovato ballad where she channels all of her emotions making you shed tears, if you loved Skyscraper and Fix A Heart from her 2011 album “Unbroken” or you love music from Adele then i bet it should be a reason for you to pick up the album, her emotions on this track and without a doubt could make you shed tears (in a good way). Wait till Demi performs this track on Saturday Night Live, She’ll slay in all the right ways. A+

Watch the video for Stone Cold (In Studio)

 6. Kingdom Come featuring Iggy Azalea

So if you’ve been anticipating the Demi/Iggy collaboration its here finally, Kingdom Come starts its  0:0 mark with a killer intro and moves on to a very solid chorus the beat is a reminisce of Iggy’s Black Widow and Katy Perry’s Juicy J assisted ‘Dark Horse’ but with better emotions and vocals. ‘Kingdom Come’ however would have been 100% without iggy’s verse as it seemed rushed, forced and the lyrics are not it.  A+ (without Iggy’s verse)

  7. Waiting For You featuring Sirah

Just in case you’re wondering who Sirah is, she’s a rapper (yeah i said she) from New York, with that said Demi finally declares she’s done waiting, Demi’s vocals slay on this track (you should already know that). But like ‘Kingdom Come’ it could have been real solid without the rap verse. B

 8. Wildfire

Demi is a kerosene queen looking for her match stick king on this track. it definitely is a potential single with hit written all over it , its slow and steady and it’s music in all the right ways, If Demi should see this “Please make Wildfire a single”. A+

 9. Lionheart

Another sure bumper ballad although not as good as ‘Stone Cold’ but Demi’s vocals sure slays on this track. gives me that ‘Skyscraper’ vibe. This heart felt ballad was inspired by the passing on of Demi’s dog buddy, and yes it imbibes all the emotion. B

 10. Yes

Another potential single. “Yes” has hit written all over it. nothing much to say here. A+

 11. Father

Another ballad yet again, father is a song a Demi’s father who passed on, father would have fit better on 2013 ‘DEMI’. this gospel tinged ballad will have you crying so hold your handkerchief’ close by when listening. A

 12. Stars 

This album would not have been complete without this track, it’s all urban poppy and it deserves a listen, that beat break is everything. B+

13. Mr Hughes

Alas Demi is channeling her inner Taylor Swift, “Mr Hughes” who Demi sings about was her first crush and he really his chance to be with her (a star) Demi makes him understand. This song is fun and all, you’ll be humming along in no time. A+

Overall rating: 80/100

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