Social Media Photographic Creativity Awards (SMPCA)

‘Celebrating the arts in social media’

What is it about?

Torchlight society is a media production house. They have come together to create a social media celebration of photographic creativity (the SMPCA) no fee attached, all for the celebration of regular creative people on social media and their works.

It’s going to be a social media show, hosted on Facebook by Torchlight Society of Photography and on Instagram by @torchlightsociety

How to enter?

The only method of entry is via email.

Any interested participant is to send a minimum of 1 photo and a maximum of 6 to;

Email torchlightsociety2016@yahoo.com

Note: The photo should be submitted by who took it (photographer). Not who is in it. For the purpose of SMPCA, the owner of picture is the man/woman behind the camera. Exception to specific form of artworks and designs where the owner of the piece could still be in the piece but credit should be given to the photographer if any.

A title should be assigned to each photo. (Title the photo like you would title a book or movie)

Along with the photo credits. (by photo credits we mean social media names of everyone that contributed to the picture)

Email title should be “SMPCA SUBMISSION”

Inquiries should be titled “SMPCA QUESTION”

Please the title of the emails are important.


The following categories are not permanent and could be subject to change or addition. By addition we mean more categories could be created in case of any unique sense of creativity that may arise during submission review.

Also note that the categories are just to guide you in knowing what to submit. You are not to choose a category you want to be in, that is up to the panel. Just send in your works and the panel takes it from there.

Categorial Major


(the best work wins.)


(not exclusive to professional models. For the purpose of SMPCA any one in a picture is a model)


(Any interested participant on this category should submit two of the same picture. The original one and the edited version. Stating what app or software used in editing)


(this would be judged based on all 6 submissions. So this category is only opened to those who submits the maximum of 6. Also called best photography)


(open to painting, drawings, makeup all form of fine arts)

Categorial Minor

Best single selfie

Best group selfie

Best picture in black and white

Best picture in colour

Best drawing

Best painting

Achievement in depth of story (a photo or artwork that has a deep meaning)

Achievement in depth of field (mainly for professional photography)

Best photo taken in the studio

Best photo taken outdoor

Best original concept

Achievement in makeup artistry.

Achievement in fashion.


After submission. The judges (who would be made up of professional photographers and would be made known on the pages) would review each entry.

They would pick the good quality ones and assign them to the category they think it fits.

After the deadline Torchlight Society will begin posting the nominations for the various categories tagging the participants. So do well to like and follow torchlight society pages on Instagram and Facebook and also submit your social media handler for Facebook or Instagram under the photo credits while submitting.

After the nominations for each category is posted. The date for the “winner announcements” would be announced.

Method of judging

The panel of judges would be in charge of decisions. But their decisions would be highly influenced by public comments of votes. This only applies to the categorial minor.

The public comments of votes may not do so much when deciding on the categorial major.


SMPCA is just for fun and social media celebration and recognition. No specific price is given apart from the recognition itself. However talks on giving special prizes in form of airtimeto the major winners are in discus.

Submission opens 1st July and closes 10th July