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Demi Lovato ‘Confident’ track-by-track review


So if you’ve been on your knees praying for Demi Lovato’s new album release, you may rise to your feet cause it has finally arrived. Continue reading “Demi Lovato ‘Confident’ track-by-track review”

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The Do’s And Don’ts of Justin Bieber’s Next Album

Justin Bieber

Bieber season is coming. You can feel it in the air, in the
whispers of the blogosphere, in each and every endlessly
favorited tweet and Instagram post. In the last gasps of
2014, a year that Justin Bieber basically took off as a
recording artist, the embattled pop star and his longtime
manager Scooter Braun began teasing his next album,
which would follow the downbeat 2013 Journals
compilation. “My break is for a reason. U will soon see 🙂
thank u for your patience,” Bieber posted on Instagram,
while Braun declared in a separate post tagging Bieber,
“2013 Was Practice. 2014 Was The Warm Up. 2015 Is
Game Time.” Rumors are already swirling that Bieber is
recording with Michael Jackson’s son, Prince
Jackson , and on Tuesday (Jan. 6), the hashtag
#JustinWereReady Continue reading “The Do’s And Don’ts of Justin Bieber’s Next Album”

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Eric Church calls Taylor Swift’s pop record brilliant

You wouldn’t necessarily picture Eric Church sitting
around his house listening to Taylor Swift records, but in
a surprising new interview, he reveals he’s actually a
Swift made enormous waves in the country world when
she announced that her new album would be her first
entirely pop offering. She had to fight her label and even
her own team over her new direction, and some fans
accused her of selling out by leaving her country roots.
But Church sees it differently. “From Taylor’s standpoint,
I think the record is brilliant,” he tells the New Orleans
Time-Picayune. “I own the record. You know what I love
about it? It’s creative. It’s what she wanted to do.”
Swift’s gamble has paid off. ’1989′ has scored back-to-
back No. 1 hits with ‘ Shake It Off‘ and ‘Blank Space,’ and
it outsold the ‘Frozen’ soundtrack to become the top-
selling album of 2014. Continue reading “Eric Church calls Taylor Swift’s pop record brilliant”

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This is so not about the big screen movie, basically celebrities who try to put up the ‘bad boy’ ‘bad gal’ persona definately have no idea on how they utterly drain their prestige to a low sided one. Speaking of ‘bad gals’ i want to bring one of them to the spotlight yeah you got it right Miley Cyrus.
She’s gone from sweet to sultry, she really shocked everybody with her raunchy We Can’t Stop, she went on to bury her good girl persona when she blew off the VMAs with her NSFW performance. Wrecking ball was the final blow. I really miss the old Miley… R.I.P Hannah Montana

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